Equinox – by Rachel Hogg

The obsession had started when he was on sick leave at the end of last year.  It was only intended as a distraction whilst he was holed-up, bored in the house. It was mid-March now and he was back to full health and back at work, but still he was gripped.

Every evening, he would rush home, lock the door and switch on his laptop.  He would stay trapped by the screen for hours at a time.  Dinner was usually forgotten.  Bedtime would be whenever he finally collapsed, exhausted on the keyboard.  There had been more than one occasion when he hadn’t made it to bed.  Had woken up at 7am, with a QWERTY imprint on his forehead.  Headed back to work in the previous days pants.

He knew the late nights were affecting his work and he was starting to hate himself for it.  What had begun as a pastime had become an addiction.  It had just been a site he used to amuse himself at first.  Half an hour here and there to fill the boredom.  But then other people became involved, and now he couldn’t tear himself away.  Hotchick1, Cutiepie, BigDan.  Half an hour’s distraction became an hour, then two hours.  And then he’d met Shelley.

Shelley’s appetite was voracious.  No sooner had they finished than Shelley would want to start again.  And he couldn’t say no.  She dominated him, and he was hooked.  But tonight would be different.  Tonight, he would be in charge.  He knew the moves he needed to make to overcome her and then… then he would be free.

Locking the door behind him, he dumped his briefcase in the hallway before heading into the kitchen.  The laptop was still open on the table where he’d left it this morning. He tapped the keyboard and the black screen burst into life.  Shelley was already there.  He’d fallen asleep in the middle of things last night, and she clearly wasn’t happy.  But he was here now, and he was more than ready for her.

His move.  Small, tentative.  Lull her into a false sense of security.

Her move.  Brash, confident.  No surprise there.

His move.  Lead her to where he needed her next.  Hope that she wouldn’t be able to resist.

Her move.  Was perfect.  Exactly where he needed her!

His move.  EQUINOX.  Seven letters, Q on the double letter, hitting the triple word square.  One-hundred and thirty-six points!  Thank you, and goodnight!

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