I wrote my first book in Turkey in 1987 – it was “My Dairy”, the epic true-life story of a family on holiday. I’ve always written, sending stories to friends and family, and once had a short letter published in The Guardian.

I moved to London to seek my fortune in the public sector. I make a living through the written word, working first as a transcriber and now as a sub-editor. It was a narrow escape; I was nearly an Elizabethan at Hampton Court.

I took the OU course at a time when I really wasn’t very well at all, to keep me occupied while I was off work after a series of operations. I’ve since taken a wonderful course at the Feminist Library combining writing and mindfulness, but I’m yet to develop a proper writing practice. I get distracted by crafts, brewing, baking and reading other people’s work.

I’m an occasional blogger for Bloody Good Period (in that I’ve written one official blog) and they’re a bloody good thing.