I have always been a scribbler – in notebooks, on the back of envelopes, in meetings where I should have been concentrating on something else – but it was only in 2009 that I decided to give writing ‘a proper go’.  In 2009, I drove Route 66 and kept a travel blog to document my adventures.  When I returned home, friends and family told me how much they’d enjoyed my ramblings.  I had enjoyed the writing process, and determined to continue.  Cue: my signing up for the Open University’s Start Writing Fiction course.

You can read some of my short stories here.

When I am not writing fiction, I blog about living with MS.  I was formally diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2011, which I saw less as a chronic illness and more as another writing opportunity.  My blog: If Life Gives You Lemons… Make a Gin and Tonic was born.  I also regularly write for the Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis charity’s blog.