Equinox – by Rachel Hogg

The obsession had started when he was on sick leave at the end of last year.  It was only intended as a distraction whilst he was holed-up, bored in the house. It was mid-March now and he was back to full health and back at work, but still he was gripped.

Every evening, he would rush home, lock the door and switch on his laptop.  He would stay trapped by the screen for hours at a time.  Dinner was usually forgotten.  Bedtime would be whenever he finally collapsed, exhausted on the keyboard.  There had been more than one occasion when he hadn’t made it to bed.  Had woken up at 7am, with a QWERTY imprint on his forehead.  Headed back to work in the previous days pants.

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Un oeuf is un oeuf (Equinox story) by Cara

I was told that the spring equinox was the only day you could balance an egg on its end. The house didn’t feel like the appropriate place for natural magic, so I took an egg up on to the moors and found a flat stone. But when I put my hand in my bag it came out covered in shell and yolk, the white trailing behind.

I waited a year.

I went on to the moors again, this time with the egg in my hand and no bag. Just my keys in my pocket. 

The egg stood upright on the rock. I left it there and in the morning it had rolled over and smashed on the floor. You’ll just have to trust me.

Equinox – by Ian

The Lonesome Outlaw dismounts and ties the reins around a large boulder. He sits with his back to the stone, legs pulled up to his chest. Taking the cheroot from his mouth he flicks it into the depths of the canyon and watches as it shoots up past his eyes on the hot stream of air rising from the valley floor. The light is starting to fade.

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Equinox man – by Steve Luckham

(Contains adult language)

          The name he uses is Jonas Finkelstein. He’s tall and thin. His spine is curved into a slight stoop lowering his height making him less conspicuous. He dresses conservatively; his shoes are polished, and his hair is grey. People describe him as unassuming and mild-mannered and he feels comfortable in that role. Tomorrow, he’ll be back at work but today he’s taken the day off and intends to cause just a little bit of pain to people he meets. Continue reading “Equinox man – by Steve Luckham”