Away From it All – by Steve Luckham

Fan Lit – With thanks to Isaac Asimov.

‘It’s just wonderful,’ Jim exclaimed as he hugged Jocasta, ‘but it needs a lot of work. Not many amenities.’

‘It’s perfect,’ smiled Jocasta. ‘Our little haven in the sun; away from it all.’

She looked at Jim’s smiling profile, his deep tan contrasting with grey hair, and noticed how weeks of travelling had sharpened his features. They had both lost weight and were fitter since Jim’s two-year sabbatical had started. Breathing fresh evening air flavoured with mountain ozone and the tang of organics from nearby Lago di Alserio, she walked towards the farmhouse door. It would be the perfect place from which to explore the mountains and lakes. Continue reading “Away From it All – by Steve Luckham”

Elémentaire – by Ian A.

It had been some months since Inspector G__ had paid us a visit at our rooms in Fauborg St. Germain and I was becoming increasingly worried about my friend, C. Auguste Dupin. His fame had increased in Paris upon being responsible for solving a number of high profile murders and other cases and I knew this sat uncomfortably on his shoulders. These events meant that Dupin had not set foot outside our door for the last two months. He was a man who required stimulation. His most remarkable feature was his mental character. I would forever marvel at his ability to solve enigma and conundrum but, alas, I feared for his health. During the previous months Dupin had rarely moved from his chair and ate very little. Everything I tried had but no affect.

Continue reading “Elémentaire – by Ian A.”